Into His Marvelous Light (Redemption Part 2)

The beauty of redemption is that we get to walk out of the darkness that has bound us, chained us, blinded us…and step in to the marvelous light of Jesus Christ. Having faith in His death, burial, and resurrection as restitution for our sinful souls allows us to be reborn, restored, regenerated.

His light is like nothing I have known before, a new kind of peace that’s been born in my heart, a new kind of life that is sparking within.


His marvelous light feels like rest. Like getting something off my chest. It’s like I’ve been carrying a heavy burden that’s blistering my heart, and Jesus has taken the weight of it all.

His marvelous light is real. I know it because I’ve tasted and I’ve seen it. His mercy endures forever, and evil flees at His voice.

He works even the most painful and broken things towards good. He sees, hears, and feels our pain and is not an insensitive Father.

As powerful, mighty, and holy as He is, He still holds frail human life to be precious and valuable.


So we hold onto hope, and it is not a false hope, because this hope is not in circumstances but in the Creator of time, space, breath and life.

Our hope is founded in His faithfulness, grounded in the truth that He brings good and wants good and is fighting for our release from all types of bondage, sin and oppression.

I don’t say this lightly – I am often prone to pessimism, maybe more well versed in the language of sadness than the language of hope. But I choose hope because I have seen the cycle a hundred times: we ache, we reach the end of our rope, we think nothing good could ever come…and then, God works. We feel broken, torn, ripped open…and then, God works. We make mistakes, burn bridges, miss chances…and then, God works. We choose wrongly, chase our pleasures, feed our demons, groom our sins…and then, God works.

Somehow, His hands work both the good and the bad into a beautiful clay, creating works of art with our mangled hearts.


I’ve seen this in my own life and in the lives of so many I know and love.  I’ve read about it and talked to people and witnessed this before my eyes. Addicts, prostitutes, criminals, every day Joe’s – I’ve heard the stories of redemption and I believe in them.

Think about Rahab, Job, Esther – think about Ruth and David and Paul- so much hurt, pain, injustice and trials – yet God showed up and turned the horror into beauty.

He fights for us, is wanting good for us, who are we to not believe Him?


Let’s fight for good also, and believe Him, and be on His side, and hope in the promise that He brings good things. Trust that what He says is true, that where He goes, goodness and mercy follow. Trust that there are good and perfect works that He wants to complete in us, and that there is a fullness of life He wants us to walk in.

Believe it. hope in it. Allow yourself to walk in it.

Into His Marvelous Light// The beauty of redemption is that we get to walk out of the darkness that has bound us, chained us, blinded us…and step in to the marvelous light of Jesus Christ.


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