Why You Must Create

image by Sarah Joy Photography:   https://www.instagram.com/sarah.joy.photography/?hl=en 

We are artful things and there is space for every self expression. Don’t be afraid to take up space. Space is infinite, and our hearts are meant to be worn on our sleeves quite often, I think. It’s good for you.

There is room for you here. There is room for your hopes and fears, your ideas, your dreams, the thoughts you ponder and the songs you write. There is space for your heart, your art, your bruising and your hurt. Let it out.

Breathe it out into the cool fall air, sing it to those who will listen, write it, paint it, cook it, dance it, play it. There is space for self-expression here. There is space for YOUR self-expression here.

We are healed when we let things out. When you’re filled to the brim with hurt, how is the love supposed to get in? First there must be a sort of emptying. Spill out all the ways in which you hurt- those words, those feelings, those tears. And when you’ve emptied you can fill again – with beauty, with love, with other soulful things.

That is why you must create, why I must create – we need to, and we were meant to.

We are created and known by a Maker, who gave us the gift of art and self-expression. He is the great Creator, the one who formed stars and planets and skies, wildflowers and thumbprints and mountains. We are made in His image, the image of the Great Artist.

When you express, create, and feel through art, it can be holy. It can be spiritual, cathartic, healing, life giving. It can be worshipful and maybe the deepest, truest communion with God that we can know on earth. It’s not selfish (not inherently, but all good things can become sin if loved above God). It can be your purest, most intimate form of expressing praise to God. It may in fact be God’s way of loving you, of pouring life into your soul and meeting you where you are the most vulnerable.

I don’t sing or play anything, and I can’t draw for crap, but that’s ok. I’m a dancer and a writer and creating is good, is beautiful, is necessary – even if it’s not perfect.

It won’t all look the same – we aren’t all meant to be artists by trade or to make money or get exposure for the ways we create. And that’s ok too. Because the gift is in the doing, in the creating, and in the expressing.


3 thoughts on “Why You Must Create

  1. Love it , Ruth, so many things I never thought of , and yet, so much to think about your words so beautifully written 💕

    1. Thanks Benny! And thank you for always reading and supporting, it means SO MUCH to me! It was great to reconnect with you at Arnstein a few weeks ago!

      1. Yes , Ruth, it certainly was great to see you all after so many years, I could hardly wait for that weekend to come, and what a joy it brings to me to see you all so artistic talented and successful , I wish you and all your family all the best and keep the stories coming Ruth, I love to read them, there is always a good learning thought behind it .

        Take care,

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