I asked myself with trembling breath
“Why am I so alone?
Has no one ever seen my heart?
When can I feel at home?”


A quiet voice came bursting through
To whisper soft and clear,
It gently cautioned me to stay
And beckoned me to hear:


“Don’t pull yourself away from pain
It only builds up walls
You push away the ones you love
Til’ none are left at all.


True love is not an easy road
It’s risky and it’s hard
But loving is still better than
A life of no regard.


The more you give yourself away
The more you’ll be filled up
For when you give just half your heart
You’ll only feel half loved.”


– R. M. Lemont

4 thoughts on “Half-Loved

  1. Ruth, it is truly beautiful, it must have been God inspired if it came to you that quick, I love it , you are very talented when it comes to your beautiful stories !!

    1. Thank you Benny! Yes, God brings words and phrases to my mind when I am in prayer or just reflecting, it’s cool how God made us to be creative and to worship Him in many different forms! God bless!

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