God put a song in my heart –
A monogram, of sorts,
A signpost to the Creator –
And in the refrain, it beats:
Life is not just for the breathing, the working, the playing
But for a brighter, higher Truth.

One day before a jasper sea
(Where we will see colours our eyes have not yet seen)
The song will find its home
And join the multitude of voices
Around the throne.

Until we swim in golden rays of light
May we love and not be afraid
Of death, life, self.
May we learn to understand that to be human is to be
Planted on the earthly ground
But reaching for heaven.

May we have just enough fear of what is good
That we will respect it and hold it highly.
May I learn my place on the earth,
While always knowing that
My soul was made for a land far away.

May we not shy from the light that promises life
But run from the things that kill and destroy.
May we still see the beauty of daffodils, butterflies, and smiles
Without holding them so tightly
That we make them a god.

May we own the freedom to cry
When a painting or a poem or a song touches our hearts
May we realize what it is to be human
And also spirit.
May we not disown one
In favour of the other
Before it is time to fly away.

May we realize the value and the brevity of this breath
May we truly learn Who it is for
And may we live it like a song.


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