To My Readers – Updates and Announcement!


If you’ve read my blog before – or even if you haven’t – I’m so excited to share some things with you! (btw I’m not pregnant, it’s not that kind of announcement)

I’ve been a blogger for ten years, but the journey is just beginning.

“Write books” has been on my bucket list for about as long as I can remember, but I have always put it on the back burner for things that I considered to be “more important” or “more spiritual.”

Lately, I’ve been learning about chasing after goals that I thought were impossible. I’ve been learning to take my writing more seriously since it is a gift from God. I want to live my life fully for the glory of God, and writing brings me such joy! Other people have told me that my writing has made a difference in their lives too. I am so humbled and grateful to hear that. 

So dear readers, I am excited to announce that I will be publishing my first book this spring!

I write non-fiction mostly, and for my first book, I’ve decided to publish a collection of poetry. The working title is Gently Planted, which is a line from one of the poems and reflects the theme of personal growth.

Stay tuned for more info about the book (I’ll tell you how to do that below) but for now, here is a quick summary of the themes of the poetry collection:

Gently Planted is a collection of poetry about growing up and growing into one’s self. In a whirlwind year, I graduated from college, met my husband, questioned my faith, and grappled with injustice as I worked with the homeless in my city. The mountain top highs and valley lows of that season drew out of me the poems in this book. In Gently Planted, I reflect on my childhood and wrestle with the label “quiet” I was given as a young girl. I process grief over injustice, doubts in my faith, and the challenge of vulnerability in relationships. And I write about the hope I find in Jesus!

How to Be Involved:

If you would like to support me in the journey to publishing, I would appreciate it if you signed up for my email list for information on pre-orders, sales, and giveaways! I won’t spam you, but I’ll send out an email every few weeks with some faith themed blogs and info about the book.

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7 thoughts on “To My Readers – Updates and Announcement!

  1. Congratulations, Ruth! What wonderful news. I’m so pleased for you that your dream of publishing what God has gifted you with, is becoming a reality.

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