My 2022 Books – Ranked

I read 41 books in 2022, see the list below for the full list - ranked in order of my favourites (with mini reviews for my top 5). My reviews are not very polished, so please ignore the lack of eloquence - I didn’t have a lot of time but still wanted to get the … Continue reading My 2022 Books – Ranked


What to Expect After a Traumatic Event

Trigger warning: traumatic events, panic, car accidents Canada-wide mental health resources: Online counseling: (Christian perspective therapy) A few months ago, while out walking by my house, I witnessed a fatal car and buggy accident and was first on the scene aside from the ones immediately involved in the accident. I won’t share details … Continue reading What to Expect After a Traumatic Event

Existence Pain & Filling the Emptiness

This post is "From the Drafts". I decided to look at my drafts on WordPress —the posts I poured my heart into, but decided not to publish for one reason or another—and I think some of them want to be shared:) They are vulnerable, and I’m not an expert on anything I wax poetic on:) … Continue reading Existence Pain & Filling the Emptiness

My Life in Books...It's a Real Page Turner

Top 7 Books I Read in 2021

Hello readers, It's that time of year—when Spotify sends us our most played songs, and book bloggers share their favourite reads:)  I'm sharing my top seven reads in this post. However, since I love lists, I ranked the 40+ books I read this year in order from my favourite to least favourite, and you can … Continue reading Top 7 Books I Read in 2021