(April 2021)

“Some poems challenged, some poems comforted, and some re-invigorated. And some were just much needed reminders of the goodness of God in our dark world.”

Tara, GoodReads Review

“This book of poetry just caught my heart! I am just overwhelmed with emotions as I read this book and re-read it. I think what touched me most was the vulnerability that she displayed.”

Evelyne, Amazon Review
Gently Planted is a collection of poems about growing up and growing into one’s self. 

In a whirlwind year, the author fell in love, faced deep mental health struggles, and questioned her faith.  The mountain top highs and valley lows of that season drew out of her the poems in this book. 

You may purchase the book here: Order Gently Planted

Some days I cling, close
to the spiritual wings of the Father.
Other days I walk the path of unbelief.

Grace upon grace meets me
as I walk the road home.
Returning, my soul is watered and I
feel small again, feel held.

Jesus never stopped changing lives
But my culture has forsaken Him,
my people walk away from Him,
my heart wanders from His side —
but when I return,
I am watered.

Those who walk this road
will have bruised knees.
Some around the world
will even lose their lives.
But the blood of the martyrs
is still the seed of the church

so bleeding we will grow.

(excerpt from Gently Planted, pg. 14)

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