Living Unafraid: Why 2018 is The Year for Spiritual Rebuilding

Why 2018 is The Year for Spiritual Rebuilding

2017 was a year of undoing. It was a year of doubting everything I’d known, everything I’d been taught, everything I’d been told. The American political situation haunted the world stage, and I grappled with the whole thing, as so many of us did. I was brought to confusion and doubt as I listened to … Continue reading Why 2018 is The Year for Spiritual Rebuilding


I Traded a Ring for Hope

Sometimes we need a little inspiration to kick us out of our comfort zones. Here is a story to do just that... I'm obsessed with street festivals. Buskers, art, street performers, live music, vendors...any strange and quirky street event (not involving drugs or sex) always makes my heart happy. I've been that way ever since … Continue reading I Traded a Ring for Hope

Strength, Bravery & Compassion: Lessons I Learned from Wonder Woman

image from I have six lovely sisters, a strong and wise mother, a loving and devoted grandmother, and many brave, funny, beautiful sister-friends. I’ve worked as a youth leader for young girls, at a pregnancy center for young mothers, and a rehabilitation center for women fighting addiction. What I want most for all the … Continue reading Strength, Bravery & Compassion: Lessons I Learned from Wonder Woman

Sunshine & Ignorance

I'd had enough of the burning sensation to my eyeballs so I squeezed my lids shut and cancelled out the sun. I 've been told that gingers have more sensitive eyes than most people. It's probably true, since red-heads also have sensitive skin, low pain tolerance, and other strange quirks. I swung my legs over … Continue reading Sunshine & Ignorance


  What is to be done with a God-given burden? Is compassion dead without action? Is love still real even in its meagre beginnings? Interest is temporary, and the human heart is faulty- it cannot be trusted. When stale familiarity sets in, will I still do whatever it takes to love? "Is not this the … Continue reading Questions