this bewilderment


Lord Jesus, be near in this bewilderment.

You are here, even when I can’t seem to make sense of things. Your Spirit surrounds me when I don’t know what to do with myself. You are in the space where soul meets flesh: where fire meets water and spirit meets blood. In moments when life is heavenly you are here, and in moments when hell burns hot on earth you are still here.


When my heart’s prayers keep me up late at night, you are there listening and comforting. When I rise, when I work, when I play and when I dance – you are here, loving me.

You are always working, and it’s always fresh and new. Your faithfulness lasts through generations, yet your Spirit-wind is always imminent.

Sometimes it is easier to condemn oneself than to accept God’s gift of free grace.

I’m thankful for Your steady hands that hold my heart when life crashes over me. You are guiding me, leading me, and upholding me, and I will thank You and praise You! I am undeserving of this love, and it is only by grace that I can stand before You.



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