Things My Siblings Say

I’m constantly wanting to share with the world what my siblings say. They are so funny, full of a lot of sass and good-hearted humour. They cause me to literally fall on the floor laughing almost every day I’m with them (Sarah has called it “flopping”, I frequently just fall on the floor when I laugh, it’s weird).

Anyway, I thought I’d provide you with a curated list of my siblings quotes/funny situations, partly for your own amusement, but mostly for mine. Enjoy.

Note: I’m from a large family:  7 girls and 2 boys. The oldest is 24, the youngest is 5.

Another Note: Some of these are from my twitter. Twitter is my favorite of all the social medias. Don’t judge. 


Mercy-Rose (5 years old): You know what I call sideways-ing?

Me: What?

Her: *silently falls onto the couch, sideways*


Jennie (11 Years old): *licks my elbow*

Me: Jennie! What are you doing! That’s disgusting!

Jennie: I can’t believe you didn’t notice. That’s the fifth time I’ve licked your elbow today.


“Our family is like…a weird guy.” – Emily, 7 years old at the time


“Your face is a sensory overload” – my sister trying to insult my brother


Me: *obnoxiously singing pop song*

11 y/o sister: Stop or God’s gonna take your voice away

Later, Me: *obnoxiously dancing*

11 y/o sister: this is why you’re single


“This is a goofy congregation. Wait, I mean conversation.” – Beth, 14 y/o haha #pk #pastorskids #goofycongregation


The girls were quizzing each other on what they would do in different scenarios. 5 y/o just came up with this one (wording exactly as she said it):

If your mom was having a baby and you were left home alone would you:

A) Call 911

B) Call your father

C) Leave it alone

(Whaaaatttt why was that even a thing??)

Tweets about my Siblings:

It’s hard to explain what a new year is to a five year old.


4 y/o just asked me if shampoo is alcohol.


9 y/o sister just asked me if there is a queen of Ontario.


9 y/o sister commented on my makeup, so I began a speech on true beauty:

Me: you know, pretty is –

Her: *sighs and interrupts* “I KNOW”

Me: 😒


Four year old *puts sunglasses on*

“Look, I’m a rich girl!!!”

Me *looks endearingly*  Aw, she thinks sunglasses are equivalent to wealth

Ashley (24 year old sister): Maybe they are, and that’s why mine always break


Donald Trump was literally the punchline of my 5 year old sister’s knock knock joke…i’m not even kidding – like after the “who’s there” and everything, the punchline was: Donald. Trump.


Sarah and the girls, giggling.

5 y/o starts chanting: murder, murder, murder

Sarah: WHAT?

5 y/o: *gives no explanation, keeps laughing*


Sarah to 5 y/o sister: What color are your eyes?

5 y/o: There are some things I don’t tell people, and that’s one of those things.


Bonus Dad quotes:

“It’s not about the money, it’s about justice!” – my dad, when playing monopoly.

“I don’t know what dabbing is”


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